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Classic Game Room HD – GARDENING MAMA for Nintendo DS

Classic Game Room HD reviews GARDENING MAMA for Nintendo DS handheld. It’s time to Garden… with someone’s mom. Gardening Mama is rated E for Everyone and is a cute kids game where players plant seeds and do everything needed to make the seeds grow into plants, flowers and trees! This CGRHD review has gameplay footage of Gardening Mama recorded in HD showing the video game being played. Win awards, earn points and grow the most awesome garden in all of the land in Gardening Mama, star of Cooking Mama! Be prepared for cheerful music, bright colorful graphics and some awesome voice work. Gardening Mama is sure to please kids with green thumbs. Why garden outside? It’s hot out there. Classic Game Room HD reviews Nintendo DS video games as a Nintendo DS reviewer reviewing games like Gardening Mama, the game reviewed in this video game review.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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