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Pokemon White Official English Walkthrough Part 3 – Stalker moms and running shoes!!

Finally got dem running shoes ._. IGNORE TAGS: Pokemon Black and White English Walkthrough Let’s Play Pokemon Black and White Official Original English Ver Eng Tepig Snivy Oshawott Kanako Town Accumula Town Striaton City Nacrene City Icirrus City Castelia City Liberty Garden Tower Black City White Forest 3GameMasters Gym Leader Chili Lillipup Pansear Cilan Cress Lenora Burgh Elesa Clay Skyla Brycen Drayden Iris Pansage Panpour Herdier Watchog Whirlipede Dwebble Leavanny Emolga Zebstrika Krokorok Palpitoad Excadrill Swoobat Unfezant Swanna Vanillish Cryogonal Beartic Fraxure Druddigon Haxorus Shauntal Grimsley Caitlin Marshal Alder

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