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Some Tips On Performing Proper Water Garden Landscaping

Some Tips On Performing Proper Water Garden Landscaping

Article by Frank Filson

Perhaps, the gardens that appeal to the senses the best are those that we call water gardens. These go beyond the usual plants because there are also fish and perhaps a few rocks that all help to create a most visually exciting water garden. If you want to create lively as well as unique water gardens, there are several water garden landscaping ideas worth trying out – some of which could be quite complex – but which will nevertheless will prove to be very exciting as well as enjoyable.

More Complex

In water garden landscaping you can expect to do a lot of excavation work and you will need to set up a good water filtration system and have quality pumps. This is not as simple as say rock garden landscaping but it can be done if you have time to spare. If you don’t have the time or the patience though there are some simple garden landscaping designs you can try that will not drain your budget but will add beauty to your garden.

When you get started with water garden landscaping or any project for that matter, you first need to plan out everything on paper. Everything needs to be planned out so that you can budget accordingly and you will have a good idea what it will look like when it is finished. There are many complexities but they can be overcome with proper planning.

Once you have finalized the design of your water garden landscaping, you then need to look at the form of your garden’s pond, after which you need to begin with excavation work which may be tedious and demanding, but is nevertheless important. In fact, if it is beyond your level of competence, the task may even be entrusted to professional excavators.

After all of the excavation work is complete you must then move onto the step of installing you plumbing. This should be done properly as to avoid problems later and to ensure that you have the water moving the way that you have it planned to; ie a fountain or a waterfall. When the plumbing is done you need to seal the bottom of the pond. This is commonly done with waterproof cement but you can also look into using preformed water garden ponds that will last forever and save some cost in installation.

After your seal is complete you need to fortify the edge of your pond so that it will not cave in. When this is done you can move forward to decorating your water garden landscape. Large rocks are a common addition and work very well. When the rocks are all in it is time to add some vegetation. I like to use low maintenance varieties for obvious reasons. If you are adding plants you will also need to mulch them as well.

At last, you can finally arrange all of the rocks to your liking, put all of the aquatic plans in their proper places and fill up the pond with water. After this is done pick out whatever variety of fish you like be it Japanese koi, goldfish, or carp put them in and enjoy your work of art.

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