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Unheated Greenhouse in Late November in Southern Ontario, Canada

These were pictures taken November 20th inside out unheated backyard greenhouse. Some things aren’t surprising, such as the peas and the carrots, other things are surprising such as the strawberries and the watermelon. It gets fairly warm in their during the day if it is sunny enough, but it does still cool off in there quite a bit at night. We notice that the plants that are close to the plastic wall of the greenhouse are wilting and turning brown whereas the stuff at least a foot from the sides are maintaining their color for the most part. The vibrant colors of the flowers are wonderful. I hope that lasts for a while. We have not yet implemented any heating experiments of any kind. chat with us at www.gettingtheregreen.com music titled Share Your Eggnog by Torley on Piano, downloadable at http CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE (creativecommons.org incompetech.com
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