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Analysts said Microsoft have to make Windows Tablet PC as their core strategy

Analysts said Microsoft have to make Windows Tablet PC as their core strategy

Article by Yoyo

Goole’s Tablet PC with Window system have become the mainstream of the pc market,but Microsoft have no occupy a position.The foreign technology blog Businessinsider recently said ,Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer have no much choice and can only make Window tablet pc as their core strategy .Microsoft’s Tablet PC strategy is to wait for the next version of Windows operating system, but the wait may be at the expense of Windows monopoly at the expense of long-term, at least in this situation may occur in the home consumer market.

However, a number of options Microsoft’s strategy from the point of view, this may still be the best one.”Fortune” magazine this week, Ballmer wrote criticizing the lack of foresight, that he canceled Courier Tablet PC project, and the functionality into

Windows, the decision is wrong. Ballmer said Microsoft’s former employees to devote themselves entirely to the Windows system and Office business software.This view is indeed correct, but it is not Ballmer’s fault.Microsoft Windows and Office are two areas to be a huge profit margins forcing them to do so, Microsoft’s source of profits in at least 60% (sometimes close to 80%) from the Windows platform. If Ballmer approved the spin-off of any strategy for these two businesses, it can only say that he was crazy.Microsoft is the story of a former employee after the relevant Bill Gates (Bill Gates) to do product audit in a story, the staff completed a new feature in the report, Gates reportedly said: “This sounds like (foul language) Windows Strategy “, and then he paced back and forth, asking the development team who need Windows, in fact, we all understand the importance for Microsoft Window, which is why Microsoft has not in the Xbox because of digital video recorders, because the feature is designed for Windows Media Center reserved. Microsoft and so was abandoned in 2001 the Office moved to the Internet (called NetDocs project) plan.

So in 2009, when Apple plans to introduce portable computers iOS, we can imagine Ballmer thoughts, and he wants to do everything:

1. Design and build a Tablet PC is similar to Courier. However, this requires upfront investment and not get as Windows, Office standard margins, it has to be reflected in the Xbox.

2. Using Windows CE or Windows Phone 7 as a tablet computer system, and corresponds to 5 dollars, 15 dollars will be authorized to hardware manufacturers, and a full version of Windows operating system, the minimum license fee is $ 30.

3. Spin part of the Windows team to develop a more urgent Tablet PC Edition Windows system, which may cause the system to delay release of new platform for developers to resist such conditions were there, and lead to system failure Tablet PC Edition.

4. To ensure the next generation Tablet PC operating system compatibility, which is the only one that allows Microsoft to maintain stable profit margins and cost reduction programs.

Microsoft Research analyst Ma Nan Kaka (Manan Kakkar), said Ballmer and his Windows team is trying to add a new Windows 8 program, the new system will include Windows Phone 7 elements, like Metro-based interface, able to run Silverlight applications. Microsoft believes it may make consumers and critics satisfied, because Windows has a broad application LTN156AT01 , to provide IT users need compatibility.But it turns out, most consumers do not care about compatibility, Apple iPad is a good proof, as long as you can to create a computing platform to run smooth and have a reasonable price, the application is enough, then the user will buy it models associated with the new equipment and applications Laptop Accessories , difficult to convince users to abandon Microsoft iPad switch to Windows Tablet PC. Wait until 2012 or 2013 came the first Tablet PC Windows 8, tens of millions of consumers have become iPad or other Tablet PC users.

If a non-Microsoft Windows Tablet PC hands away from the 10%, 20% or even 50% of the PC market share, that means big trouble encountered Microsoft, Windows platform for growth will be terminated, Ballmer also will be fired.

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