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Online SMS to mobile – Fun & free communication tool

Online SMS to mobile – Fun & free communication tool

Article by Srinivas Sakhare

Are you interested in setting up your own branded business? Yes! Then become a SMS reseller today.

What does SMS reselling mean?

SMS reselling typically involves selling of SMS credits to mobile marketers. The complete mobile marketing environment is provided by SMS gateway providers, who are the link between the network operators and you, the SMS Reseller.

SMS provider not only provides control panel to maintain your clients but also provides bulk SMS software for your clients. The client typically buys credits from you and uses the software to send marketing campaigns to thousands of mobile phone subscribers.

How do you earn? How does this business model work?

Simply put, you earn from selling SMS credits. You can sell credits to other resellers also. Some of the highlights of this business are; low set up cost, technical support to your clients provided by SMS provider, good margin of profits; above all this business does not require any kind of marketing from your side.

SMS is no longer a nifty little communication tool anymore. It has grown to monstrous proportions, affecting our lifestyle and the way we interact with our friends, family, colleagues and clients. There was a time when SMS was sent from mobiles. That scenario has changed. Today, you can send SMS through PC using internet connection to reach mobile phone subscribers across the globe.

So what is Online SMS to Mobile?

It is a method of sending SMS to mobile phones using a PC and internet connection. This service is provided by many websites. It is typically free and just requires normal registration.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of sending SMS to mobile through internet:

1. It is a free way to send SMS, across the globe.

2. Sending SMS from PC is a joy because of large input keys.

3. It is discreet, efficient and reliable way to remain in touch with everyone.

4. It is a handy option in many places, especially where network signal is weak.

One of the fastest growing marketing platforms of the decade is SMS. SMS Marketing provides an affordable and efficient way to expand your sales, establish brand and remain in touch with your customers.

Below mentioned are some of its benefits.

1. Remain in touch with your existing customers. Send offers and promotions. They will surely grab these opportunities and thereby drive your sales.

2. Announce product / services updates. Your customers will appreciate this gesture.

3. Send social, entertainment and educational alerts. It creates strong brand awareness.

4. Add new customers with targeted marketing via SMS.

This form of marketing is typically done via bulk SMS software. Bulk SMS software is provided by SMS gateway providers. This software is extremely easy to use and uses network operator’s gateway to send mass messages.

Below mentioned are some of the typical steps to subscribe to a marketing program.

1. Sign up with your choice of provider. Your account gets activated within a day.

2. Buy credits and start marketing, using the built in database of opt-in subscribers. You can also use your own list of subscribers.

3. Send out offers and promotions to your subscribers or list of customers.

About the Author

mVaayoo is a leading bulk SMS Gateway provider offering Online SMS solutions for diverse industries and tasks.

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