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It’s Gods Plan… Featuring BOOM! (Rockin Robin Rox Writes Songs For YouTube)

My YouTube friend DesertRatDan, sent me a poem about his brother, Timothy commiting sucicide..a hard song for me to write for him & to sing. Rockin Robin & BOOM! We are a husband & wife team with almost 500 original songs. All songs written by: Rockin Robin Rox. www.youtube.com God’s Plan He was too young, we can’t understand It must have been God’s plan Born in a family, strong limbs on the tree Funny, smart & carefree (Chours) But depression & despair Took over but God was there He cried, I heard all his pain Then I never saw him again No, I never saw him again He’s in God’s hands…um..hum… He’s in God’s hands…um..hum.. It’s God’s plan, it was God’s plan We were so close, had a special bond We teased the ducks in the pond Listening to our old 8-track How I miss you & want you back (To Chorus) The Lord has giveth & taketh away Why? I don’t know but I pray Life’s a wonder, a wonder to me We all love you, Timothy You’re in God’s hands..um…hum… Your’e in God’s hands..um…hum… Cuz it’s God’s plan, it was God’s plan Song written by: Daniel McKernan & Rockin Robin Rox Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved!!!

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