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THE STRAITS (Unofficial Trailer) Thurs, FEB 2 – ABC1 8:30PM…It’s hardcore ACTION!

The Straits….Check this out guys. It hardcore ACTION!!! Can’t wait for it to air on ABC Feb 2, 2012. (2hours) 8:30 PM Set among the turquoise waters and lethal wildlife of Australia’s Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait, THE STRAITS is an exotic, darkly humorous crime drama. The Montebellos are not your average Australian family. Modern day smugglers, their family business is transporting drugs into Australia and guns and exotic wildlife out, making use of ties of blood and loyalty in the Torres Strait Islands. When Harry, the head of the family, starts to plan his succession, a power struggle is sparked between brother and brother, wife and daughter. Under attack from ambitious bikies and mercurial PNG Raskols, the family must hold together through torture, assassination and imprisonment. Harry Montebello is rich. Of Maltese extraction, raised on the streets of London, he now runs one of the most successful and respected crime organisations in Queensland. He is married to a Torres Strait Island woman and runs his operation from Cairns. Virtually untouchable, he seems to have it all. Which is why his family is shocked when he announces that he wants his three sons to compete for the right to replace him as head of the family when the time comes for him to retire. Effectively, he pits his sons against each other in their endeavours, each running one area of the family’s operation while his daughter must learn to manage the family finances. This outrages his wife

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