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Vale died title “Virtual Mine” plan blocked – iron ore price, iron and steel – Building Ma

Vale died title “Virtual Mine” plan blocked – iron ore price, iron and steel – Building Ma

Article by hi joiney

A setback in a joint venture, steel enterprises against Vale for the Chinese market to build a 40-ton “China-type” ore boat docked in Hong Kong is facing the dilemma of non- Financial National Weekly reported in late March, into the heat of an iron ore negotiations, the world’s largest miner Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD, hereinafter referred to CVRD) for the spot price of the new strategy. “This means that CVRD iron ore suppliers and the other two will reach a united front.” 1 Steel Industry analysts told the author that the establishment of the China brewing Vale ore distribution center is hindered and may delay the implementation of its new pricing strategy. “Chinese Type” embarrassed “CVRD is studying in Asia (including China) Building distribution center.” In response to the author of the message, the Vale of relevant responsible person said, the distribution center will become a “virtual mine.” One hand, the distribution center can overcome the long distance between Brazil and China to bring the obstruction, on the other hand, “can also be mixed meet customer needs bearing ore production function.” To “Virtual Mine” plan, in August 2008, Vale special order for 12 400 thousand tons of the “China model” large iron ore carriers. “Is called a ‘Chinese model’, is that these vessels specifically for the Chinese market (design and transportation).” In an interview with our correspondents, the former Vale of new China, Yuan, director of public relations, said. And 40 tons to the “Chinese model” matched Vale ready to build more than 400,000 tons of iron ore terminal. Vale area in accordance with the timetable, the “China model” will be delivered early 2011. However, because of steel and other steel enterprises in Hebei clear opposition, the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry has been involved in “virtual mine” of the investigation. Present, the “China model” fails to stop China’s ports has become a foregone conclusion, “Virtual Mine” is also a result of China’s steel enterprises face the opposition of abortion. 2009 9 months, Qingdao Port Group Vice President Tian wide acceptance of correspondents in the interview made it clear that “Qingdao port has begun to build 400,000 tons of Dongjiakou level terminal, plans to put into use before the end of next year.” This is China’s first home will have 400,000 tons of iron ore berths in the port. Provided by Qingdao municipal government, “Qingdao Port Dongjiakou port master plan” shows a total of Dongjiakou port planning to build 4 x 40-ton dock, its main business involves iron ore, crude oil, coal and groceries other four categories. Vale needs and Qingdao Port alarming pace consistent with the planning. In 2009, Qingdao will be the Vale of Dongjiakou “virtual mine” message caused great shock in the industry. The “planning” by the Shandong Provincial Government and the Ministry of Transportation on March 1, 2009 the joint approval, but more than a year later, the port is still in the planning of Dongjiakou stage, when the start been heard from since. “Is just ‘three Ping-Tung’, and on top of not said to be (under construction) yet.” March 14, Dongjiakou dock workers on site told a reporter that only one terminal currently under Dongjiakou Lu to the Group’s cargo terminal, the tonnage of only 3,5 million tons. “We just look flat (land), to leave work early yet.” “(Dongjiakou Port) is still awaiting government approval.” Changde, president of Qingdao Port Communication told the author, now the port is still in the planning stage, the terminal building has not yet started, and when to start is uncertain. “The construction of a 40-ton wharf cycle needs at least two years.” March 12, Qingdao Port Group News Director Li Jun Ying said the Qingdao port plan is to get state approval for the end “for the first half of next year ‘image of progress’. “Lee said,” the image of progress “refers to the terminal taking shape. Even to approval of Qingdao Port on schedule, but progress has lagged far behind the construction of the “China model” of the transportation schedule. “The first batch of ‘China-type’ transport vessel delivery is expected early 2011.” In the e-mail reply, the Vale side said. Although not disclosed, “the first batch of Chinese-type” number, there is no doubt that these specifically for the Chinese market, “China model” the short term of no use, which often send people to visit the Vale area of Qingdao. “(CVRD) is still on.” Changde mass that is still with the Qingdao Port Vale on the development of 400,000 tons of iron ore shipping terminal-level preliminary talks, “but no further progress in the negotiations.”

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