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A Learned Christian Unwittingly Validates Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified

A Learned Christian Unwittingly Validates Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified

Article by Glenn Harrison

Our good friend Chris called in to see us. He’s decided to have a go at meditation. Archangel Metatron refers to him as our ‘tester’. He wanted to show us a ring he wished to use, to gaze into the imperfections in the stone, to allow him to ‘lose’ himself in meditation.

Chris is a seeker of truth. It would be wrong to call him a ‘Born-again-Christian’; although he is a Christian. He’s been banned from almost every church he’s attended for any length of time, because he challenges the clergy for not following the word of God. He’s happy to criticise church service on a Sunday, when he feels it should be Saturday; and as a seeker of truth he is willing to challenge the meaning of the phrases in some of the Bible.

Chris will go to extraordinary lengths to seek the truth, the meaning and purpose of life. As we talked in the kitchen, I asked him if he knew why Jesus was called Jesus Christ. He mentioned the Christ Consciousness. I asked him which one he was referring to. He was referring to Jesus. He said that Jesus was the Son of God, so was given the name Christ. I reminded him that Metatron had told us we are all the children of God; so if that was the case, we should all be called Christ.

The Christ Consciousness is God. Jesus is a false idol. Metatron has taught us that no one person should be regarded any better than another; and that Jesus was, like Jill, my wife, an exceptional channeller, who was communicating the word of God.

I went on to say that it’s interesting that all the great channellers; prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Enoch, Jesus and Mohammed; are all dead. Their ‘words’ are believed by billions of people; and there is no way we can challenge them personally; yet Jill is channelling the word of God; and will not be believed by most people. The media will see us as sensationalists, heretics or crackpots; because it helps them sell copy.

When I referred to Moses, I reiterated that Metatron had told us that the stories about Moses were myths, in that, for example, there was no parting of the sea. Chris went on to say that when Moses came from the mountain with the commandments, to give them to his people, they shunned him. So Moses held up a cross with a poisonous snake on it. This was his sign from God. The people were surrounded by poisonous snakes. Whilst he held the snake in the air, the snakes stayed at bay from his people, but when he lowered the snake to the ground, the snakes came forward, bit and killed some of the people.

Moses raised the snake and the snakes would back off. This was God’s way of showing the people his potential wrath if they didn’t have some order in their life. Chris went on to explain that this ‘miracle’ was validated by Jesus, many years later, who told the story of Moses with the snakes and the snake on the cross, and that Jesus foretold he would meet his death in the same way.

Chris was trying to validate the story not being a myth. At this point, I burst into laughter. You see, Chris had a mind-set that Jesus was referring to his death on the cross. Yet several days earlier, I transcribed the channelling from Metatron; that Jesus had been killed by the poison from snake venom put in his drink; and he was discarded in an unmarked cave. I explained my mirth to Chris, and his mind went on overdrive.

He wanted so much to disprove this thought process. At one point he referred back to the snake held by Moses and said he held it up on a stake. I reminded him that earlier he’d said Moses held the snake up on a cross. Chris explained that his sub-conscious had slipped back to stake, because there was much theory that Jesus would have been crucified on a stake, not a cross. Later he referred to the snake on a pole. Again I burst into laughter and reminded him of what he’d just said. “Cross, stake, pole; what does it matter. It could have been a length of rope. It was symbolic,” said Chris in frustration, “Just like when Moses led his people through the parted sea to the promised land; and God had them walking around in circles for 40 years, because he’d performed another miracle, by tapping a large rock with the branch of a tree, to expose water; when there was none to be found elsewhere. Instead of saying it was God who provided the water; Moses claimed it to be his own miracle.”

By this point, Jill and I were having a good laugh. I explained to Chris that he’d just given a wonderful example of how the Bible is so easily embellished, glorified, mis-interpreted and mis-translated. Chris had gone from cross, to stake, to pole to ‘Indian Rope Trick’ with a snake, in a matter of minutes. What is likely to happen to the recording of events over days, months and years? I then pointed out that God had disconnected with Moses because ego had got in the way; and that Metatron had already recorded with us that if ego gets in the way of anyone who channels the word of God, they are disconnected from channelling the word of God.

Do we believe in coincidences? Or are all things meant to be. A few days ago we wrote about Jesus being poisoned by the venom of a snake in his drink. Then along comes our tester who tells us that Jesus foretold of his death as the result of a snake. Chris thought it was crucifixion as the result of the cross; stake; pole; when it could just as easily be a reference to death by snake poisoning. This is the point where Chris got really frustrated, and wished for some evidence from Metatron, so he could believe.

I explained that there has never been any evidence such as miracles. Then I said to Chris; if in the near future, there are terrorist bombings in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta in the USA; as had been predicted earlier by spirit; would he believe then? At that he said he’d have to. I explained to him that wasn’t the way. The way is to connect with God; light; the one conscious thought; through meditation.

Since we’ve been told that we all have the ability and we just have to raise our vibration level; then the only absolute way to discover the reality of what has been channelled to us, is to be able to connect ourselves. Chris, being of a logical mindset, finds it extremely difficult to meditate. He’s programmed his mind that he can’t sit with a blank mind; even though we’ve explained that most people have that same problem initially; and that with perseverance, anyone can bring back their spirituality. Chris left us saying that he would have a go.

We explained to Chris that we weren’t laughing ‘at’ him earlier; but laughing at the situation and the ‘coincidences’.

Jesus of the Christ Consciousness was trance-channelling God, light, the one conscious energy. His ability to do this was feared by the religious leaders at the time, so they disposed of him quietly. The Roman leaders of the time, were very good at keeping records of all they crucified, and there is no record been found of the crucification of Jesus/Joshua/Yeshua. In fact, records show that no-one wrote about Jesus until 50-80 years after his death.

Are you aware that 1 Billion Muslims don’t also accept that Jesus Christ was crucified, because Mohammed channelled the same information from God; Allah? Yet they do accept, that like Mohammed, he was an exceptional prophet, communicating with God, light, the one conscious energy.

Are you also aware that Sikhs believe that God is light?

Light is energy, is never destroyed; is God. Jesus was a prophet, like so many others, yet has had the most influence of all prophets in our world.

The Christ Consciousness is already happening. It is a re-awakening of people connecting back to God, light, the one conscious energy. Jesus is already working on our plant, in his spiritual body of Ascended Master Lord Sananda. He is currently teaching us how, when he walked as Jesus, and spoke in parables, how those parables have been misinterpreted. As the teachings unfold, I will release more articles for your consideration.

About the Author

Glenn Harrison is an ANGEL MESSENGER. He was contacted by The ANGEL OF DEATH: Archangel Azrael, in 2005; and later, recorded messages from over 60 Archangels, Ascended Masters and Light-Beings.If you want more messages like these, get our first book ‘Conversations with Archangels’FREE at :==> http://www.ANewBelief.com

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