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Are you in a “Jesus-only” church? Take this 5-point quiz to find out

Are you in a “Jesus-only” church? Take this 5-point quiz to find out

Article by Fern Holm, Author of PIVOT POINT

Am I in a “Jesus-only” church?

You would think you’d know the answer to that one right off-hand, like asking, “Am I a Republican or a Democrat or a critter of a different sort?” Most people have already figured out what they are and can answer that question without a qualm.

Funny thing is, you might be in one – a Jesus-only church, that is – and not even know it. The sign in the front yard of the church you enter on a Sunday morning might identify it as a Baptist or a Lutheran or a nondenominational community church, but don’t be so sure – according to the MPAA, a Baptist church produced a “Jesus-only” movie last year! (See my last article, “Jesus-only Cult Invades Mainstream Christianity”, http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewarticle.asp?id=27640).

Before you take the quiz to see what kind of church you really attend, here’s a little background information on the theology which started with the UPC (United Pentecostal Church), but has quietly moved into the mainstream in recent years:

Jesus-only, Oneness, “Jesus is our God” religion, is really just a contemporary version of the old heresy of Modalism, where One person fulfills all 3 offices or ‘modes’ of the Trinity. Followers of this belief perceive that when they pray to the Father, they are in reality praying to Jesus in His capacity as ‘Father’, and they also see the ‘Holy Spirit’ as the spirit of Jesus – Therefore Jesus IS the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

“Oneness theology affirms one God in one person, Jesus Christ, in three modes or manifestations.” Article: Apologetics Research Resources, on religious cults and sects, http://www.apologeticsindex.org/j11.html.

How does this doctrine translate into a typical Jesus-only church service? Well, that’s where this little quiz will shed some light:

1) Instead of the good old “God bless you”, are your fellow church-goers now greeting you with “The Lord bless you”?

2) Do you find yourself singing along to choruses like this: “It’s all about you, Je-e-sus – And all this is for You, Je-e-sus. For YOU ALONE ARE GOD, and I surrender-r-r… to Your ways”? (PASSION – I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, disc 1)

3) Is the person or persons at the microphone sometimes or always praying their prayers to Jesus… in His own name? (Thank you, Lord… In YOUR NAME we pray. Amen)

4) When they talk about Him, do they mention His Holy Spirit, or refer to Him as “Father”? (“Father God,… You came to earth and You bore our sins…”)

5) Do they identify Him as the Creator, the Great I AM, and proclaim that Jesus is “our GOD”? If so, then you are DEFINITELY in a church that is (or is fast becoming) a Jesus-only church!

So, what does it matter, and why should you care as long as the music is good and everyone seems happy? Oh, just two little things that you could be risking : Your salvation and your eternity, but that’s a matter for another article.

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About the Author

Fern Holm, Author of PIVOT POINT…. To fill the time on my way to becoming a writer, I got married (I’m trying to be funny), had two adventure-loving sons who now tower over me, worked as a kindergarten & elementary teacher, directed child care centers, and currently sell real estate – a skill which also comes in handy when marketing my book… So, can I interest you in a prime piece of literature?? :-)

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