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God In Comparative Religion

God In Comparative Religion


All religious books (the original manuscripts) describe God as one without any form, shape or statute. He is a light source which illuminates the universe. A glimpse of this light tore KHOHI TOOR (mountain tur) into pieces and the one who wished to see him was unable to bear that great energy. Whatever is in world, both in skies and earth belong to GOD. He is super and great. He has sent messages to Mohammad (Pbuh) and all other prophets before him. It is God to whom all angles pray. He is to be praised & HE alone is to be worshiped. None else is a partner to his Godliness not even Mohammad (SAW) or any other prophet. Quran emphasizes oneness of God. Most of human beings irrespective of their religious faith believe in one God.


The Bible, Torah is God’s sent books. They preach oneness of God as Quran. One sees no conflict in the true texts of God via Quran, Torah or Bible in the concept of God. Even Mahatma Gandhi in his experiences with truth writes about one God & says god is a creation of someone alien to the true scripts of Bhaguat Gita. One wonders where a conflict is. Quran testifies that one lac 44 thousand prophets were sent by God in this universe before Prophet Mohammad. All have been sent to different tribes and regions. Thus, anyone believing and preaching to pray one Allah”, God by any names like Brahma, or Parmatma, defines God in his own language to his tribesman or the region he was born. Truly no conflict on the GOD exists, in the religious books. Who creates it is a sinner. It can be one who does not understand God. So let us come & believe in one God. God who created heavens & earths & it is He who is to be worshiped. This is the first principle of peace in this world and means la lahah alahah i.e. THERE IS NO GOD BUT ONLY ONE. ALL ARE EQUAL So the humans of any race or tribe, religion, political group or nationality in this global village have to surrender our might and soul to one who governs us, the GOD. The first principle of new world order has to be a firm faith on one and only God. None else either a prophet or a wise or a powerful can be GOD


The human a mortal cannot be God. ONE GOD IN THE UNIVERSE The prayer to accept the oneness of God is open to all. If one agree, he becomes blessed if not we leave him & GOD to decide among themselves at the time of judgment. We are no one to kill or force a man or women or anyone to believe in God. We have to humbly request him to pray or worship to God and none else. If he does not agree leave him alone, yes if he forces you not to believe in God or objects your worshiping GOD, you HAVE to resist. It is clearly written in Quran, (refer Soura, and AY at 1-6) that tell people to believe or worship in one God if they don’t leave the mater there & let GOD and he decide among themselves. Your job is over. QURAN AND GOD One wonders why Quran is misinterpreted or misunderstood. It preaches peace with universal thought & description of GOD. If you are put in jungle, you do think of him or you see his thoughts creeps in silence. God is not in any shape. It has no shape, color or image. GOD is just a source of energy which creates souls and body & governs this & all other worlds. None has refuted the presence of God. Yes his forms are differed.


¬†A human who believe in him is free to see him in any manner but do not make stories of him or his shapes. He is formless, a force, a light source & an illuminating force or source of energy which can create or destroy you and the whole world & the heavens Quran further says if God wished he would have made all to believe him. It has creates tribes, race, believers and non-believers. A prophet’s job was to preach one ness of God. Let you convey this message, if someone believes it, it is for his good if he does not let him not. No one has any right to force anyone into subjugation of God. When God does not want them to believe him & leaves us free to believe or not to believe him. How can anyone big or small, king or soldier, master or salve force anyone to believe or not to believe in him. This is the message of ISLAM the peace. If people force you not to believe GOD, you have to resist the pressure and never to compromise. This is what we call freedom of religion and is in fact the basics of ISLAM.


Concept of life CREATION OF LIFE

Sorah Momneem, AYat 12-15. “Man was first created by God from clay & soul infuses in the clay model, which gave him life. God bestowed him the ADAM knowledge. is knowledge made him distinguished and best among the life forms what we call ISRAFUL MUKHLUKAT.His humble creation from clay or earth need to be remembered by him .Thus his body a mortal dies and does not bestow any virtue to him. His value comes from the knowledge and wisdom bestowed on him by GOD. It is this wisdom and knowledge which excels him from angles. The one who worshiped GOD for years was designated as devil ,abeles because he thought his creation from fire superior and did not bow to ADAM WHEN created .The wisdom diffentiates human from all others in this universe. This gift of wisdom should not make us arrogant like the Satan or devil .In the past the nimrod and his like in this world created wonders but then mislead others to be gods and created means and ways to hurt the noble and pious who preached GOD. All have perished in the hands of those whom God chose.


Thus man cannot be God who so ever he may be .Any one claiming GODHOOD is to be condemned .This the message of peace preached by prophets and last among them Hazarat MOHAMAAD (saw) practiced and perfected the concept of GOD. Truth of human creation Humans were created from clay as described and then from the sperm preserved in safe place .He created humans first as a clot of blood, then a mass of flesh . The constitution of bones & later on muscles on bones gave the shape.” This is what fetal biologists know now in 21 century. Quran further says God created life in mother’s womb in three dark chambers. Does it mean the three phases early, mid or late? One wonders how could a man like prophet Mohamed (pbuh) knew fetal biology in 687 or 1422 years before, when modern biologist argue the sperm was recognized 180 year before. This proves Quran as Gods narration . Further, the rate of involution as said in Quran is when you are in the womb of mother, mother’s womb grows and when a baby is born it involutes. There is a fixed rate of involution for which portraits are there for knowledge seeks. Till date the rate is not known, let someone discover it .I am sure a momin of tomorrow will. We as modern fetal biologist know there are three enveloping fatal membranes, the chorionic, amnion & allantois.


The relevation on involution of uterus a back so 1422 years ago was unknown to us and was known only recently as it fetched 1984 noble prize. Its narration in Quran insists on use of modern science to interpret the truth of God inscribed in QURAN. SCIENCE NOT LANGUAGE ALONE CAN INTERPRET QURAN I am afraid people who only have knowledge of Arabic & not of modern science cannot but interpret science in a limited way, thus there is urgent need of reformation of all theological schools and centers with modern science and Technology’s back up laboratory & knowledge centre is necessary to understand QURAN in its proper prospective. I strongly plead for a modern Islamic schools and universities which shall interpret the Quran in its true form otherwise we are led astray and none of the translation I read was complete or perfect. One should trust God, he is one who has power to create you from dead & your all differences in his form shall he appear to reward you for your good deeds and punish you eternally for your bad deeds. This dooms day is what is “vanish” in Hindu or Vedic scriptures and “kayamah’ in Quran. Similarly, all scriptures in world the Bible, the Torah do refer to the Day of Judgment. There has been adulteration or misinterpretation of old scriptures. Even the Holy Quran, which is preserved in its original form, has been differently interpreted so much so that we have 72 different versions of Islamic faith existing even today. The books of Gods are so mystic and full of knowledge that it will take years to translate a verse. Even modern scientific knowledge of your subject becomes too little to explain a verse. I shall quote her a verse of Quran which describe the fetal growth and development.


This has been my subject study since 1968. I believe, after Moric young of England & death of Dr Srivastava of India, I am the only scientist in the world who has written and researched the topic in detail. From creation of a young morcular (6 day fig 2) young lamb from ovaries of dead sheep (fig 2) to a fully grown facts maternal interactions I find none other publications as accurate and descriptive as ours. Even a Google research shall reveal our work cited by none else than the walnut encyclopedia. Wilmuk is the father of modern cloning and the scientific co-coordinator of “Dolly the sheep” which astonished the world with the assembling a sheep (female lamb) from somatic cells and not the sperms. Even with our knowledge of 40 years, we are not assure as to how exactly the fetal growth ensues within the womb. There are many it & buts within our scientific investigation that one is unable to describe his own 40 years research in definitive terms. Al we the scientists speak is in comparative analytic mode. If our four observations among 6 repeat it we call it significant and cost our views in favor or our hypotheses. To explain further, even if a drug gives good response in four of 6 respondents only, we recommend it for use, although we know it failed to raise a response among the test of the two. Therefore, even the birth of dolly has been the result of thousand of manipulated acolytes & other cell nuclei if not millions. My point to explain here is the narration of a verse in Quran in Surah Mominon clearly says the development of foetus which even after our 40 years of research is not exactly what is precisely written in the following quoted verses. I believe only one with supreme knowledge alone could give such annunciations as in Quran. I believe such may be thecae of other scriptures too. Thus, the Prophet Mohamed Pbuh an otherwise illiterate man could not reveal the secrets of modern fetal biology in an era when sperm and acolyte were unknown. So as is said, the book of Gods are divine & not from the prophets. They are mystic. I on the bases of my 40 years study firmly believe that it could be someone the supreme knowledgeable alone who could narrate or faze Quran & not Mohammad. Thus the divinity of scripture is in my view Gods word, and not of human. Quran acknowledges that the religions art same from times immemorial to data when it was revealed. There is mention of Noah, Abraham, Mesa, Essa & many others which may include even Ram & Krishna in there number of one lakh & 40 thousand till Mohammad come. Thus the spirit of Quran is to unite the mankind & not to disintegrate as some elements misinterpret it. I do not try to interpret “Quran” alas I do have very little knowledge of Arabic & its grammar.


Whatever has been my understanding is from translation of Quran in English & other languages of India. Therefore, all the religious priests may forgave me for any misinterpretation, but my print is vivid & clear, no man who so he be, perfect in Arabic or Islamic theology cannot interpret Quran truly unless he consults modern biologists, biochemists, physiologist, geologists, space scientists & all modern art & science subjects. It need supreme understanding of all available subjects in modern education & knowledge wonder world to interpret true meaning of superman’s wisdom (God’s) and knowledge The author is not a theologist but a biologist and wishes to have comments from the learned to improve his knowledge and those who read it.Thanks, send comments

PROF GHULAM MOHYUDDIN  WANI IS Ph.D (Animal Reproduction / Gynaecology), Dr. Med. Vet (Animal Reproduction/ Production)

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