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I dont beleive in religion

I dont beleive in religion

Article by Helen Jessop

What is your opinion in religionMy name is Carl Lewis in my blog i am going to be making posts regarding religion and my own beliefs or lack there of in religion of any kind i was brought up in a catholic upbringing so religion has always been around me but from a young age I found it very hard to believe as to me most religious story sound more fitting in fairytale than real life I personally have most experience of the catholic and church of England which are both churches of the christian religion other religions I don’t have as much knowledge of however if any other religion is talked about in any of my posts I will be doing my best to keep all information accurate and from reliable sources usualy the information contained will be challenging religion and religious ideas and try to put across my opinion and try to support it with fact, evidence and proof which I feel religion fails to do an example off this is my second post on the blog titled Adam and Eve vs evolution where I have challenged the story of creation in the Christian religion this is the general route I will be taking so each post i write will be looking at one particular story or area of any particular religion and I will give my ideas and try and support it as best as i can as well as trying to talk about my opinion on religion I would be interested to here others opinions on religion and any ideas for posts will be great fully accepted also people who believe in religion are welcome to contact me with there opinion on religion or there opinion about my opinions on religionanything in my posts is not meant to offend any religion only to give my viewRELIGION what is your opinion.

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carl lewis 25 year old student UK

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