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Religion a Way of Life

Religion a Way of Life

Religion – a way of devotion

Time has come when all the people on this earth must decide that they shall be having their religion, but they shall not allow religion to enter in their day to day life when then are dealing with people from other religions. They shall be reciting religious books of their own religion and they shall be following all the religious ceremonies, but they shall see that they are not interfering in the religious affairs of others nor they shall try to establish that their religion and its principles are better than the principles of another religion. They shall ensure that their religion is not standing in their way when they are dealing with people of other religions.

If we read and try to understand we shall come to the conclusion that life principles laid down in all the religious books of the world are telling us the same things, though in different languages and in different styles. There is nothing different in any of the religions and that is the reason, all the religions have accepted that there is one and only one God and all the people on this earth are children of the same God and therefore, though in different countries and in different form, they all are members of one and same family. they are not stranger to each other nor any religion says that it is the best religion on the earth and therefore, all the people in different religions should merge in that religion.


Since we have born in a religion and we have been brought up as per norms of that religion, we are having a right to follow those norms and principles till we are alive, there should be none on this earth who should be allowed to stop us from following our own norms. But time has come when we should try to individualize these norms to us and we may read and recite religious books of our own and we may pray as per norms prescribed, but religion should not go beyond that stage. All are our own people and therefore, when we discriminate, hate, kill or stop or convert someone to our own religion, we are not serving our religion, but we are insulting our own religion and we are actually committing a crime, a sin or a misconduct. We should live in this world as members of one family and time has come when we shall have to allow family bonds i.e. marriages between people of different religions. We shall be developing relations beyond friendship and we shall have to see that others are not feeling unsafe when they are with people of another religion.

It is very strange when people are dividing on the basis of religion and it is further strange when countries are being established on the basis of religions. We should be sorry to note that one section of people turning terrorists and the other sets of people are turning rioters. Both are killing the people who are also members of the same family.

Time has come when we should keep our religion as our individual concern and we should start thinking that no religion is in danger and no religion is having supper power and the minorities are their slaves. All are equal and we should see that this equality is maintained. We are heading toward one country and ultimately the people of the3 world shall have to unite in one country and time shall come when the people shall be having one religion and that shall be a common religion ‘humanity’ and we all shall become members of one family. That is the final goal and once that goal is achieved, this world shall become Heaven and none shall long for Heaven beyond this world.


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