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Save Halloween In A Jesus Costume

Save Halloween In A Jesus Costume

Article by Frank Baltazar

Dressing up as Jesus Christ for Halloween is considered disrespectful among many. It amounts to showing disrespect to your elders. Many people are astonished at the thought of dressing up as Jesus Christ for Halloween.

For a certain group of people dressing up as Jesus Christ for Halloween is the perfect way of symbolizing the powers of Jesus Christ helping and saving the people from different calamities, retrieving children from the grasp of the evil hand of bad spirits. So some people find it to be the best Halloween costume for doing the job, but normally, dressing up as Jesus Christ for Halloween awaits trouble. In some schools children who were dressed up as Halloween Jesus Christ were sent home as it was a disgrace and distracted many young minds.

A long white gown is worn with a red robe over the shoulders. A crown made of thorns is worn on the head. The costume makes you stand out in the crowd. Wearing Jesus Christ Halloween costume makes you the center of attraction. The idea of adorning the Jesus Christ costume for Halloween totally depends on the idea behind the costume felt by the person who wears it. Although some churches have abandoned the idea of wearing Jesus Christ costumes for Halloween, some people continue to adorn it justifying their own thoughts.

Scaring away the bad people in a Halloween Jesus Christ costume may really scare the ghost out of them. People will be really surprised to see the Lord himself at their doors and may mend their ways and transform themselves into good individuals. This can have a good impact on many and help them in realizing and choosing the right path. Predicting yourself as Halloween Jesus Christ to some may make you the reason behind their changing their ways. You can dress up as Halloween Jesus Christ for a noble cause.Some people dress up as colored Jesus Christ. The motive behind this is to predict that Jesus Christ was also black in color. Some Christian folks who are colored are feeling much better when Jesus Christ is compared to them. As long as you make up stories of Jesus Christ being colored, it does not matter. But when people start believing and preaching this false thought, it may become dangerous and lead to conspiracies. The Baptist churches have officially banned the idea of dressing up as Jesus Christ for Halloween.

About the Author

Frank Baltazar loves to write about his favorite Holiday in the year: Halloween. His last two articles are about: baby jesus costume and kids roman soldier costume.

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