Take Responsibility For Your Life and Achieve Everything You Want!

Take Responsibility For Your Life and Achieve Everything You Want!

Article by Joseph Clough

Take Responsibility for your life and achieve everything you want!

Are you ready?

How much do you want out of life?

‘Cause and effect’ is a way of thinking that a ’cause’ (an action) will lead to an ‘effect’ (a consequence)

So what side of the equation are you in life? Be really honest with yourself…

Are you just an ‘effect’ of all that is around you?

Do you know someone who says “everything happens to me” or “Bad things always happen to me” or “it’s just what life has dealt me”?

Well those are just examples of someone just being an effect of life, allowing life to have an effect on them, pushing all options of self change, outside of themselves. By thinking and acting in an ‘effect’ mindset, the person simply continues to re-affirms their situation – not having the life they wish.

Now imagine if you move on to the ’cause’ side of the equation, where you take responsibility for everything in your reality, your job, your relationship, your life, your issues in such an empowering way that you take control and start causing fabulous effects.

Rather pushing your problems outside of your control (like being at ‘effect’), you now begin to own them; you take responsibility to start making important changes in your life. This in turn starts to create new empowering beliefs and thoughts knowing you have the ability to change your life I you desire.

What a buzz that would be. It would mean you can begin to own and create life changing effects to have a perfect life, relationship, job, money and health.

Only one thing ultimately stops us from changing…… ourselves.

Its that plain and simple I’m afraid, it all comes back to us. It’s a bold statement but its true. By taking responsibility now for EVERYTHING and I mean everything, your health, your relationships, career and finances it means you own the situation. When you own the situation you can change it.

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