Tea With Toan: Inspiring Heart and Community Through Photos

Welcome to Go Inspire Go’s first installment of “Tea with Toan” a program created for Go Inspire Go (GIG). In the spirit of GIG’s mission to create a global platform to see and share inspirational stories and experiences, Toan Lam, GIG’s Chief Inspirator, video chats with people with diverse experiences over a cup of tea. While sipping tea, guests pause, reflect and share how they’re “using their personal power to help others.” Go Inspire Go’s Tea with Toan PHOTO HEART CONNECTION Name: Kat Sloma in Corvallis, Oregon, US Occupation: Photographer Power: Inspiring Presence and Heart Through Pictures Catalyst: Living in Italy Tea: Hot Cinnamon Spice Just in time for Valentine’s day. Whether you’re in a relationship or planning a “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” themed party — take some time out to tell someone you love them. Life’s too short. Then set a date with yourself to appreciate yourself and the work you do. You make your life happen! So validate your world and share your love with the people who are in NOW! Don’t know how? Here’s a blog post that will inspire you to reflect and be present. NOW! What do you do with your pictures after capturing the perfect landscape, loved one or moment? How many times have you snapped a photo, saved it — and then…nothing? If the picture perfect photos are still digitally archived, you have to watch my “Tea with Toan” interview with photographer Kat Sloma. Her Photo Heart Connection project will give you a new appreciation of your

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