Adorable Longalls, rompers, and jon jons – my longall collection – part 11 (first 13 minutes)

Welcome to my new longall videos from 2011!! These are videos of MORE longalls and jon jons that I took on September 18-20, 2011. It was really hot during this time period and was difficult for me to get through all these longalls. I have so many more longalls that I want to share with all of you Youtube people, but talking about my collection really takes a lot of energy out of me, and I really am beginning to get exhausted. I try to keep my videos under 15 minutes so that I don’t have to have them in 2 seperate videos, but it’s hard sometimes. Since December of last year, I actually have accumulated 78 more longalls and jon jons. Everything you see here and everything you have seen is from before December 2010. I will have to work on the rest of the 78 new longalls/jon jons that I have gotten in the past year sometime maybe around Christmas and maybe in January or February. It is difficult though. :) From December last year till now, as I said, I have had 78 new longalls/jon jons that I have gotten via EBay. I am going to try to put those on eventually. Another reason why it has taken 2 months to put these upcoming videos on (there are at least 6 more!!), is because my computer got infected with a malware, and then I had to start all over again (luckily I saved all my music files, documents, and videos, but it still was difficult), and then I also got sick with a cold for 2 weeks, so that’s why I haven’t put anything up till now. It was October 5th when I got the

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