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What Not to do Through a Dating Services Washington DC

What Not to do Through a Dating Services Washington DC

My friend Jill moved here from Seattle and knew that I met my current boyfriend of over a year through a Dating Services Washington DC. So instead of asking me how I did it, she went about her way and that turned out to be a disaster and put her in a great deal of danger. Let her story be a “How Not to Guide” to using these services. Here are the things she did wrong:


First off, she signed up with the top two dating services that promote safety and a lot of privacy. Well, on both sites Jill was able to put up several photos of herself, and instead of putting up a headshot, a picture of her with her dog, some photos of her partaking in her hobbies, she put up racy photos of her in a bikini and skimpy lingerie. This screams out, “Take me on a date and I’ll have sex with you before we even say ‘nice to meet you’.”



Another mistake she made with Dating Services Washington DC is posting incorrect information about herself. And this goes hand in hand with the photos you choose to post. She said in her profile that she was 28 when she was really 36. That’s because she was 28 when the pictures were taken and she figured she looked the same age and had the same body shape. Well she didn’t look 28 and she had gained almost ten pounds since the photos.


The worst part of her experience was putting her safety in jeopardy. Never, ever give out your address on the first date. Or second date, for that matter. There are a bunch of crazies that troll many adult dating services online who could be stalkers or even rapists. They may look well-dressed and clean cut but you don’t know this person or what’s going on in their sick head. Also, never give out a phone number that’s traceable, and always meet in public places on the first few dates.


Dating Services Washington DC also advises having a friend and her boyfriend come along on a double date if you’re having mixed feelings and want another opinions. Sometimes outsiders can pick up on things you can’t. Just be honest and be safe!



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