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Why Do People Use Adult Dating Sites?

Why Do People Use Adult Dating Sites?

Article by Damian Papworth

Why do people use Adult Dating sites? Lets be honest, there are so many of them around, they must be popular. If you browse through them, you’ll see they always have millions and millions of members. The numbers attracted to adult dating sites so clearly outstrip regular dating sites, they make the regulars look like minority groups in a sexually focused world. But this behaviour is not typical in the offline world. In the offline world, dating typically starts from a low contact basis and only progresses in intimacy as we learn more about our dating partners.

Does the anonymity internet provides really change us this much? Or does it just give us the courage to be more honest about what we want and what we ask for. I mean lets face it, rejection in the form of a nasty email, or no email, is much easier to digest than rejection in the form of a slapped cheek or thrown drink. So does this lower risk aversion just make us more courageous, particularly given we know the people we are approaching have joined a “place” where they expect us to approach them.

Whatever the case, adult dating sites certainly bring a whole world of new risks and dangers to dating. We have outlined the more important ones here: Adult Dating; Risks and Rewards. Forwarned is forarmed afterall! And because there are a lot of dodgy adult sites out there, we have also taken the trouble to review some of the bigger sites for you. We have 2 categories of review, Australian Adult Dating Sites and Global Adult Dating Sites. We really recommend you readup on a few sites before you join any, as the quality of site does vary within the adult dating industry, and there are different “adult” crowds. So make sure you know what you are looking for and join the right website.

It will be interesting to see in coming years though, whether the Adult Dating phenomena will have any impact on society. For example, will the new “honesty” skills we learn on these types of websites translate into “honesty” skills in social situations. Will we become more forthright about what we are looking for from people we are attracted to at bars, the beach or in shopping malls. Or will it go the other way, will we lose our social skills, only being forthright when we have the cover of an “internet alias” or the like.

These are questions we ponder, but have no answer for. Only time will tell. So have fun dating in the meantime and remember when dating, be safe first and successful second.

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